Instant account to account payments

Collect payments at a fraction of the cost of cards. Kill chargeback and minimise fraud.

Multiple ways to pay,
one seamless connection

Instant Online Payments & Refunds

Bypass all manual data input for a seamless checkout experience. Let customers pay directly from their bank at a fraction of the cost of cards.
Our closed loop system provides instant refunds with no more account information needed.

QR code payments

Generate digital or off the page bank payments via QR codes. 
No cards, no hardware, no chargebacks.

Request To Pay

Request money via a link through any messaging service or show a QR code from your phone for a contactless and instant bank payment. 

Account Funding and withdrawals

Let customers fund their accounts in real time using instant bank payments. Issue payouts and withdrawals that flow directly into the receiving account at a fraction of the cost of cards.

Recurring Payments

Offer a one time frictionless checkout journey to set up recurring payments. Pay a fraction of the cost of cards, cut out chargebacks and minimise fraud.

Clear Benefits


Reduce costs

Our Open Finance infrastructure bypasses cards, interchange fees and legacy systems. This can save you up to 80% of all your transaction costs.


Instant clearing of funds

Don’t wait days for your money to come through, use direct payments to send money instantly from one account to another.


Boost conversions rates

Remove human error by prepoluting all the relevant payment information. Speed up your checkout journey by removing all manual data entry.


Eliminate fraud and chargebacks

Use bank level security to reduce card fraud, and eliminate chargebacks. No user credentials are ever shared.


Fully White labelled

Own your customer journey end-to-end. Easily configure authentication flows to match your brand.


Get access to a Management Portal

Keep track of sales and payments in real time through our Management Portal.

Authorised by the FCA
for Payments & Data

Full Stack Proprietary

Full UK & EU
Bank Coverage