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Open Finance infrastructure for instant bank connectivity. Offering the latest payments and financial data services for your customers.

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Initiate payments online with our Pay Link and request to pay from any device instantly. Generate payments offline through QR codes.


Instant Payments

Ecospend initiates payments that flow directly from one account to another. Accept real time payments at a fraction of the cost of cards. Kill chargebacks and minimise fraud.


Scan the QR code to try our online payments for yourself. Make a £1 donation to XXX.

We help Merchants to accept fast payments
and save up to 80% vs card payments


We are the Open Banking provider to HMRC

“This is the first embedding of Open Banking within a government in the world. The first tax authority to launch Open Banking and reap the benefits. No hybrids here, this is the first.”

Simon Lyons, Head of Ecosystem Engagement at Open Banking.

Bank Data insights

Enrich your customer’s financial insights with instant account categorisation. On board customers in seconds. Verify your customers’ account balance, expenditures and income.



Speed up your customer’s checkout journey with seamless bank to bank payments. Eliminate chargebacks and minimise fraud.


Allow digital payments from a printed page via our QR codes. Offer a seamless subscription checkout journey at a fraction of the cost of cards. Explore

Wealth tech & Crypto

Accelerate account funding and minimise your conversion rate costs. Access to bank data to make informed loan decisions. Explore

Credit + Lending

Carry out real time affordability checks on
customers using validated financial data.



Let your customers fund their accounts and withdraw instantly. Carry out KYC and affordability checks in seconds for responsible gaming.